About Us

In the year 2010, few NCC cadets realising this major problem, got inspired to form a group. It was primarily founded as an environment protection group. The journey began with simple activities like collecting plastic scrap on the hills around the city which the members collected during their weekend treks and further properly managed them to the communal dumps. They took the initiative to make the Gogababa Hills clean and green. This group was named PRAYAS YOUTH FOUNDATION.

Prayas Youth Foundation is well known for its great efforts and non-stop continuous work. Prayas members have shown dedication for more than 6 years now and are still working together as a team and will continue till they’ve achieved their goal to make this city clean and green.

The greatest wealth and strength of any nation is its youth. They are the powerhouse and storehouse of infinite energy. Prayas Youth Foundation is working to strengthen and empower this youth for betterment of our society. The best and the first and foremost way to strengthen our youth are to provide them education. Not just any kind of education, but the right kind of education which makes them scientific, logical, social, open-minded, self respecting, responsible, honest and patriotic. Without these virtues being developed, our youth cannot walk in the desired way and they will remain in a deep slumber of complacency. And Prayas helps youth in every aspect possible so that true potential of our youth can be utilized.

In the initial years of working, Prayas focused largely on plantation of trees. Not just planting them and leaving the work unfinished, but to take care that those plants live long enough. Prayas members celebrate their birthdays by planting a tree instead of wasting money on a fancy party.

Tree plantation is also done on various occasions like anniversaries or in someone’s remembrance. Prayas is engaged in environment protection campaigns. Prayas also collaborates with various organisations and groups for a wide range of campaigns.

"Little by little, a little becomes a lot"

Prayas explored and adapted new ways to contribute in the welfare of our society. As mentioned before, tree plantation was the main objective of Prayas. But along with tree plantation, cleaning initiative had to be started because of increasing garbage around the plantation area. Littering is a major problem and cannot be avoided. A large number of residents of the city seem to have no civic sense. People throw garbage by the roadside and in the parks. Even where there are dustbins provided by the Municipal Corporation (MC), residents are seen throwing garbage-filled polythene bags outside the bins and litter the space around. This pollutes the air and causes problems for residents who live in the vicinity of such dustbins. Prayas started a cleaning initiative/project to make the neighbourhood clean and also to aware everyone about the drastic effects of this kind of pollution. Prayas started by simple collection of scrap and junk materials. Prayas members now clean the foot of the Gogababa hills every weekend and is still not clean enough. And not only Gogababa hills, but various destinations where no one else cleans. Various events are organised called “Cleaning Drive”.

People just ignore how much efforts are taken to clean places. How hard is it to throw garbage in a garbage bin? This simple throwing of our garbage properly may sound too small and trivial. For our posterity, there comes in our long-run view. And if we only throw our garbage for the sake that when someone sees us we will be viewed as someone who is like other people who care and follow the rules. But, actually, it really shouldn’t be just limited to that. Because if this is true to you, that is hypocrisy. Undeniably hypocrisy.

There are many ways to contribute in this initiative. One needs not to be present here to make their contribution. Picking up trash when people are out in public would greatly help this situation. It is not hard to find a trash can around somewhere. Making sure people clean up would benefit everyone. If people see trash which is not theirs, they could pick it up themselves knowing they did something to help the world.

Prayas Youth Foundation has decided to celebrate environment-friendly Diwali by celebrating it with HIV+ kids.

Diwali is also celebrated by planting trees. For most people lighting firecrackers is the highlight of Diwali. But little do people realise that in our increasingly populated and polluted cities, the temporary joy of watching the firecrackers is soon replaced by the intense air pollution caused by them. The toxic substances used in the firecrackers release toxic gases that are harmful to the health of all. The high level of sound generated by the crackers also causes immense suffering to birds and animals, besides the sick and the ailing.

Birds are one of the most populous life forms on the planet, and that biodiversity to a richness of life and beauty. Birds are a diverse group, and their bright colours, distinct songs and calls, and showy displays add enjoyment to the nature around us. Birds are very visible, quite common, and offer easy opportunities to observe their diverse plumage and behaviours. Because of this, birds are popular to many who pursue wildlife watching and monitoring activities. Prayas organises many ‘Bird Watching’ events for those who has a fond of nature. Prayas supports Bird watching vividly and has been organising various Bird Watching events time to time.

Prayas covers a large area of activities focusing on finding and resolving issues like illiteracy, forest deforestation & many more. One of the greatest problems that our communities are facing today is traffic related issues. Prayas is taking efforts to aware public about rules of traffic and motivating to follow it.