Ongoing projects


Project Green Belt

Eco-friendly Holi

Project Green Belt is a sustainable tree plantation drive of 5,000 plants under flora and fauna. Sterlite Technologies Pvt. Ltd. sponsoring this project under Corporate Social Responsibility.

We are planting big shade toll trees with flowers plants. We are transforming approx 3 km barren and dirty land to beautiful green belt. Big shade trees like Peeple, Neem, Mango, Arjuna, Kadamba, Rudraksha will provide better oxygen and chery, Cassia fistula and various other plants will help to birds to provide food.

Mission Respect

Mission Respect

Mission Respect was initiated with the intention of giving tribute to the soldiers of the Kargil War. Prayas has planned to plant 527 trees for each of 527 martyrs. Each plant has a board displayed with the name of the soldier and all the info we have about the soldier.

Many trees are by now planted and some are yet to be planted. This helps in balancing the environment and the memories of those soldiers grow as those plants grow old. Shri. Haribhau Bagde inaugurated this project on 26th July 2015.

My University-My Pride

My University-My Pride

My University-My Pride is a joint initiative by Chamber of Marathwada Industries and Agriculture (CMIA), Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University & Prayas Youth Foundation to increase positive-ness in students through plantation.

Vice chancellor Professor B.A. Chopade inaugurated this project. This project's objective is to create a positive view in student's minds by planting tree in BAMU and other affiliated colleges.


Brief about Activities of Prayas


1) Tree Plantation

Tree Plantation

Research has shown that survival rate of trees planted is less than 1%. Tree Plantation is a very easy task, but, making them survive is a very difficult task.

We, Prayas Youth Foundation are en route for making the Gogababa Hills located in Aurangabad city, clean and green. We have planted approx 2000 plants at Gogababa hills and have made 85% of plants survive. Every Sunday we gather at Gogababa hills for maintenance and keeping record of what's done till now. Watering is regularly done. In the initial days of plantations, water facility there was so poor, that members had to fill the bucket with a single hand pump and carry the bucket to the spot of plantation. It was a tough time, but, Prayas members never backed off from any responsibilities given to them. As we are a student based NGO we do not have a strong financial base. We needed financial support back then to build a proper watering system at Gogababa Hills.

Companies like Endress Hauser & Johnson and Johnson supported Prayas for making Gogababa Hills clean and green. Some NRIs' showed their support towards Prayas for this noble cause.

Prayas has also covered area around the city like High Court, Divisional Sports Complex, APPS School, Indus World Hospital, Hudco and Garkheda area by planting more trees for making this city greener.

2) Eco-friendly Holi

Eco-friendly Holi

While water is a renewable resource, it is at the same time a finite resource. The total quantity of water available on the globe is the same as it was two thousand years ago. People waste lakhs of litres of water on Holi. For FUN?

People should know the importance of water. People face water scarcity almost every summer, still they chose to waste water on Holi. Prayas members celebrate Holi with dry colours and no water. We make an effort to ask as many as possible people to do the same. We also plant trees on such occasions. We ask everyone to use only dry colours and avoid using water, avoid water balloons.

3) Eco-friendly Diwali with HIV +ve Kids

One Diwali night causes as much damage to the ecology as regular pollution does over the span of a year. Firecrackers are second on the list of major causes of pollution. All kinds of pollutions are spread through firecrackers. Burning them may seem to be fun, but, one has no idea of how much they are damaging the environment around them. We, Prayas member don't celebrate Diwali with firecrackers. But instead we celebrate it with HIV kids.

Decorate their hostels; organize fun and entertaining events for them.

When you do a selfless good deed for someone and you see them smiling, that, is the truest smile in the world. We spend a complete day with HIV kids, providing lunch/ dinner and our members do everything they can to make them special on the festival of lights. You can see the lights in their happy eyes.

4) Save Birds Campaign

Save Birds Campaign

Prayas is moreover focusing on saving birds. Due to the ever increasing concrete jungle, birds are having difficulty with food & shelter. We, here at Prayas, encourage people to help birds by providing food and water to bird.

We sell bird-feeder at no-profit no-loss basis. As well, dig artificial water ponds during summer period for birds at hills. We gather all the waste food grains from around the city and keep it properly beside those ponds.

5) Nature Tour and Bird Watching

Nature tours are organized by Prayas regularly so that the members enjoy and know how beautiful the nature is around them. This keeps our members very fresh and active after spending some time with the nature. They start appreciating the incredible things around them and find out ways to protect it. Nature tour motivates members.

Bird watching is a major activity done in nature tours. Bird watching is for gathering information about birds at ground zero. We arrange bird watching very year at Supna & Jayakwadi.

6) Nirmalya Collection

Nirmalya Collection

People are polluting rivers by throwing flowers left over after a pooja. Many rivers are heavily polluted by this. Prayas members collect these flowers and everything what's left after a pooja.

We use these flowers to make compost and converted fertiliser used for plants and trees. This helps keeping the rivers clean and plants healthy.

7) Cleaning Drive

Many tourist places are extremely polluted with plastic bags, wrappers, bottles, etc.

To deal with this problem, Prayas organize Clean Drives to many tourist places with the purpose to make it clean. Everything is arranged by Prayas. We clean those places as well as have fun/entertaining activities after the cleaning is finished. We've arranged several cleaning drives up till now. Daultabad fort, Mahismal, Gogababa hills & Hanuman tekdi are some of the places we've cleaned. Some places like Daultabad fort and Mahismal had to be cleaned more than once.

8) Water and Soil Conservation

Water and Soil Conservation

Every year, during rainy season, tons of litters of water and soil wash away. Washing away of soil is harmful for plants and trees.

Prayas take efforts to save and utilize water and soil. Rain water harvesting is carried out at hills. This saved and stored water is used for ground water charging which can be used in various ways. This also prevents soils erosion and keeps the soil fertile.


Other Activities of Prayas


9) Traffic Awareness

Prayas Youth Foundation is focusing widely in this sector. Prayas is taking an effort to spread traffic awareness as much as possible. Prayas has taken efforts to start this campaign. We have organized lots of traffic awareness campaigns and attempted to educated people about traffic rules. We request motorist as well as pedestrians to follow traffic rules for their safety. The Prayas member corrects motorists of their mistakes including reluctance to wear helmet, fasten chin straps during the campaign. Main activities of the campaign were placing our banners near signal, which is written and designed in order to obey Traffic Rules, in prior permission with Police.

Preparing ourselves in masking or face colouring, getting ready with pamphlets, placards and stickers. Insisting people around us, to follow Traffic Rules, like asking them to wear helmet, seat belt, making them to stop before the STOP Line and walk in the Zebra crossing. Prayas will keep trying until there comes a day when everyone is following rules and are completely aware of the rules of which they follow will save their lives. We've tried to convey our messages through street plays and flash mobs. We also performed at various colleges to make today's youth aware of the rules and regulations.

10) Clothes Distribution

Prayas helps poor and needy people by providing them clothes collected from various individuals. Clothes distribution takes place on various occasions such as new years, festivals, birthdays and many more. People can contact us if they want to donate their used clothes and we deliver it to the needy.

Prayas wanted to celebrate new years differently, so, instead of wasting money on fancy parties, we decided to help the poor people who does not have proper clothes even in winter seasons. Prayas encourages people to donate their clothes instead of throwing them away.

11) Newspapers and Scrap Collection

This is a fund raising activity. We post an update on social media via various means and provide a number where people can call us to communicate. Prayas members then individually go to houses and collect newspapers. Peoples who donate their newspaper are given certificates for their good deed. This helps us to keep our financial base balanced.

12) Blood Donation Camps

We arrange 2-3 camps every year. Prayas also aware people about blood donation and its benefits.

If there's urgent requirement of blood somewhere, they can contact us and we'll help as much possible. Prayas members donate their blood on their birthdays.

13) Adventure Expeditions

Adventure activities are done to keep the excitement level high and for enjoyment. It's not only a fun activity, but, we clean those places while enjoying adventure. We've done rappelling at Daultabad & Aurangabad caves.

Para sailing at Chawni & Mahismal. Trekking at Gogababa Hills, Hanuma tekdi, Satara Parisar and Sai Tekdi.