Project Green Belt

Project Green Belt is sponsored by Sterlite Technologies Limited, implemented by Prayas Youth Foundation. Prayas is working for upliftment and conservation of environment for the betterment of mother earth and society

Sterlite Technologies Limited is one of the leading technological companies which enhance the power of IT sector and which design, builds and manage smarter network. Project Green Belt is a sustainable tree plantation drive of 5,000 plants under flora and fauna. Sterlite Technologies Pvt. Ltd. sponsoring this project under Corporate Social Responsibility.

Green belt land refers to an area that is kept in reserve for an open space, most often around larger cities. The main purpose of the green belt policy is to protect the land around larger urban areas to maintain environmental balance by maintaining greenery with flora and fauna on this green belt by forestation. Green belt offers a number of benefit for urban population, It help to protect land, soil and water conservation along with fresh air and oxygen for better health.

Project Green belt showed various Environmental Impacts like Oxygen Production, Air Purification, and Protection from UV ray, Water & Soil Conservation, Increase Soil Fertility. It also showed some social impacts like Health of People, Tree Heal, and Natural Air Conditioner etc.

While implementing this project we faced many challenges like Less Soil Fertility, Plantation in Hot Summer (Pre Monsoon), High Tension Wires, Underground pipeline and cable lines etc. The survival ratio of trees till 31 March 2017 is about 90%.

Project Profile
1) Name of Project Project Green Belt
2) CSR Sponsor Sterlite Technologies Limited
3) Project Implementing Agency Prayas Youth Foundation
4) Project Start Date 15February 2016
5) Project Ending Date 31 March 2017
6) Project in Charge Mr. Ravi Choudhary (President)
7) Project Cost Rs.21,83,750