My Green Aurangabad

My Green Aurangabad is an initiative to make our Aurangabad green. The main motive of this initiative to save the mother earth from global warming and to bring all the people together by planting more and more trees.

Aurangabad is a historical city along with its surrounding towns and villages. It receives tourists and surveyors from all over the world. But due to fastest Industrialisation and Urbanisation this city badly suffering from environmental problem.

Prayas Youth Foundation, An Environment based NGO is now going to make happen with people contribution for plantation and maintenance with technical guidance of Team Prayas. Creating common platform named MY GREEN AURANGABAD and by motivating citizens to give only one hour of weekends for the betterment of our Aurangabad.

MyGreenAurangabad project is initiative of Prayas with collaboration of Aurangabad Municipal Corporation. 94.3 MYFM also plays an important role for spreading awareness among the people.

In MyGreenAurangabad project we find out various open spaces which including Public Parks, Hospitals, Schools, Smashan Bhumi, Gardens etc. We did scientific land survey of following places which includes Soil type, Nutrients requirements; water Availability, Species for plantation and protection. Selection of trees is depends on soil type. On selected location we firstly arranged awareness activities which includes Environmental games, Environmental Quiz, Musical events etc. for motivation of local people which live in that surrounding area.

After this event we arranged actual plantation drive with people. We also developed Android app name as MyGreenAurangabad which is available on Google play store. The aim of App is to understanding plantation locations to common people on one click.

We mainly focused on Local plant varieties like Neem (Azadirachta indica),Pepal (Ficus religiosa), Banyan tree(Ficus benghalensis), Emli (Tamarindus indica) Karanj (Pongamia pinnata (L.))Arjuna(Terminalia arjuna), Behda(Terminalia bellirica), Amaltash(Cassia fistula) etc.

Today we all have a hectic life but at the end of day we have to realize that our mother earth, if every person pledge to plant a tree and to take care of that tree. It will do great contribution in saving us from destruction. Our ancestors have given us a beautiful place to live in. we have to ask ourself what we are giving to our future generation?

So let‘s join hand in to make Aurangabad green. You don‘t have to give your full time. You just have to give only 1 hour a week as per your convenience and plantation will be every corner of Aurangabad. So you can join us by taking care of trees in your area and even you can donate old news to make Aurangabad Green.

Project Profile
1) Name of Project My Green Aurangabad
2) project Supporter Aurangabad Municipal Corporation
3) Project Implementing Agency Prayas Youth Foundation
4) Project Start Date 1 April 2017
5) Project Ending Date Ongoing
6) Project in Charge Mr. Ravi Choudhary (President)