Project Water Bowl

The Water bowl project is an initiative by Sterlite Tech Foundation with Prayas Youth foundation to quench the thirst of urban stray animals and birds in Aurangabad.

Marathwada is drought prone area which does not have proper water availability even humans in summer. Aurangabad’s temperature gone 42%. Warm-blooded animals, which are mostly birds and mammals, need to maintain a relatively constant body temperature or they would suffer dire consequences. It doesn’t matter what the outside temperature is—they must maintain the same internal temperature. Most of the mammals range from 97 °F to 103 °F; birds have an average body temperature of 105 °F.

In Project water bowls there is 200 water bowls are installed in two different sites namely as Waluj MIDC [120], Aurangabad City [80] in various places. The locations were selected where maximum animals are gathering for water. Most of the bowls putted under the tree shades for reducing evaporation and maintain cool water. The water bowls made up of Cement which having capacity to store 50ltr.of water. Due to its heavy weigh it was hard to fix properly. All water bowls filled with fresh and clean water every alternate day by tankers. Water bowls are installed on Road site, Infrount to homes and Shops in City Area, for this we took proper permission of concern person which related to this place. We also develpe an App name as Project water bowls which is available on Google play store. This app helps to find out bowls locations.

According to feedback of local people about water bowls, we understand that each bowl sustains at least five animals, which means there are nearly 1,000 animals in the city that are little less thirsty. Some animals used our water bowls for reducing their body temperature also. Mostly dogs are attracted towards the bowls.

While implementing this project we faced various challenges like cracking human mentality, Stolen of bowls, Cleaning of bowls, Water Availability etc.

Project Profile
1) Name of Project Project water bowls
2) CSR Sponsor Sterlite Technologies Limited
3) Project Implementing Agency Prayas Youth Foundation
4) Project Start Date 1 April 2017
5) Project Ending Date 15 June 2017
6) Project in Charge Mr. Ravi Choudhary (President)
7) Project Cost Rs.2,86,000