Project Save Birds

Project Save Birds is an initiative sponsored by Sterlite Tech Foundation, which implemented by Prayas Youth Foundation. Aim of this project is to protect and make available of food and Shelter of urban stray birds in Aurangabad.

We all know that current situation of environment; Now we can rearly seen the birds in City area due to unavailability of water, Shelter and Food. For this situation all we are responsible, we create cements jungle in city under the tag of development and Urbanization. In order to make life more comfortable humans have created concrete jungle and high class infrastructure. But in this process mankind blindly started using the natural resources. Excessive usage of natural resources has casted adverse effect on nature. Earlier birds in general used to make their nests in the unused space under the roof.

Every living organism is dependent on other and this Ecocycle goes on. All the animals, birds, insects, aquatic creatures, Micro and Macro organism have special role to play in the eco system of nature. This helps building our eco-system very strong.

In Project Save Bird we provided food and shelter to birds by different ways which as follows:

  1. Sparrow home
  2. Bird Feeder
  3. Bird Feeder Stand
  4. Bird Sitting Stand
  5. Artificial Small Lakes

94.3 MYFM Radio had also join this initiative to create massive awareness. It will be joint initiative of STF, MYFM and PYF.

Aims and Objectives
  1. To build the artificial Bird homes, Food and water stand for birds in the Aurangabad City Area.
  2. To feed the birds and make arrangement of water throughout the year.
  3. To spread awareness in the society about the problems of regenerating Numbers of birds and promote to people for save birds.
  4. Help to conservation of bird species diversity in Aurangabad.

For completion of this Aims and Objective we founded some places and Enthusiastic people.
Locations of Food and Water Stands
  1. Green Belt Area, Waluj.
  2. Hanuman Temple, Bajaj Nagar, Waluj.
  3. Beed by Pass, Near Tender Care School.
  4. Gogababa Hills,
  5. Devlai Parisar

Pot Distribution in City area
  1. Prakash Kulkarni - Cidco
  2. Govind Patodkar – Devlai Parisar
  3. Govind Kulkarni – Aakashwani
  4. Dr. Kishor Pathak – N-3, Cidco.
  5. Kulkarni Bekers – Beed By Pass
  6. Kunde Sir - Satara
  7. Sanket Ghule
  8. Uday Dandge
  9. Mr. Chavan
  10. Mr. Giri

Project Profile
1) Name of Project Project Save Bird
2) CSR Sponsor Sterlite Tech Foundation
3) Project Implementing Agency Prayas Youth Foundation
4) Project Start Date 1 March 2017
5) Project Ending Date ongoing
6) Project in Charge Mr. Ravi Choudhary (President)
7) Project Cost Rs.79275