Traffic awareness

Every day, 3300 deaths and 6600 serious injuries occur on the road in the world. Countless people lose their loved ones in accidents daily. And the rate of deaths due to accidents is increasing day by day.

Prayas Youth Foundation is focusing widely in this sector. Prayas is taking an effort to spread traffic awareness as much as possible. Prayas has taken efforts to start this campaign. We have organized lots of traffic awareness campaigns and attempted to educated people about traffic rules. We request motorist as well as pedestrians to follow traffic rules for their safety. The Prayas member corrects motorists of their mistakes including reluctance to wear helmet, fasten chin straps during the campaign. Main activities of the campaign were placing our banners near signal, which is written and designed in order to obey Traffic Rules, in prior permission with Police. Preparing ourselves in masking or face colouring, getting ready with pamphlets, placards and stickers. Insisting people around us, to follow Traffic Rules, like asking them to wear helmet, seat belt, making them to stop before the STOP Line and walk in the Zebra crossing. Prayas will keep trying until there comes a day when everyone is following rules and are completely aware of the rules of which they follow will save their lives. We’ve tried to convey our messages through street plays and flash mobs. We also performed at various colleges to make today’s youth aware of the rules and regulations