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Plants – Pollutant Purifiers

The air we breathe defines our livability. The rising quotient of air pollutants has definitely curtailed the healthy living years from our lives. We have rattled on enough about the deteriorating air quality around us and it wouldn’t be wrong to state that people are much more aware of this issue and ready to adapt the measures for it. Thrashing…

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Re-view the Disappearing

Oxford University defines Habitats as “the place where a particular type of animal or plant is normally found.” When a natural habitat is unable to make its native species survive, it leads to habitat destruction which results in biodiversity loss. Urban fabric has lost a huge volume of biodiversity in last decades. If an animal loses its naturally surviving conditions…

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Restabilising Sustainability

We, humans, were fortunate enough to have a sufficing set of resources and an extremely satisfying and idealistic environment. But woefully, we have lost that treasure and indirectly put our future generations in jeopardy. This scenario has compelled us to prioritize the thought of bringing back sustainability in our lives. Re-establishing the balance between all the existing habitats and making…

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