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Allegory of Prayas

Prayas Youth Foundation is a leading environmental organization in Maharashtra. It is an independent NGO registered as a trust/society and actively working to increase green cover of Aurangabad region by adopting scientific and modern techniques of afforestation to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of United Nations. Established in 2010 Mr. Ravi Choudhary along with some NCC cadets, along with the green cover management we are also engaged with other environmental activities as well. We are not only planting the saplings but also converting them into trees by taking proper care of them on regular basis. (Image shared on drive)


PRAYAS visualizes to make our environment clean & Green. We target to adopt modern techniques for afforestation like Miyawaki forests, Pond rejuvenation to address environmental problems. Our vision is to increase green cover, water levels and make urban forests to combat the poor environment in urban areas. We aim to create a greater impact in limited land and economical resources.


Our aim is to address the environmental challenges and create a breathable space for our progenies as well for ourselves. We work to create a better ecological impact and rich biodiversity along with public participation for a better environment and in positive terms of nation building.


Our Team

Environment conscious and woke citizen are the backbone of our organization, who stand for the cause in any adverse condition. Our team is made of such people who are willing to go an extra mile for preservation of environment, ecology & Biodiversity. Our proud team,

Mr.Sachin Darade


Mrs.Shilpa Babre


Mr.Ravi Choudhary


Mr.Ravi Gavande

Joint Secretary

Mr.Anurang Dorle

Board Member

Mr.Prashant Balankhe

Board Member

Our Allies

“Team Prayas has taken a really good initiative of making Aurangabad green zone. Tree plantation is a need of hour and Prayas has been doing a great job by creating forest like Miyawaki…”

Akash Dhumne

“Prayas youth foundation is spreading awareness in youngsters of city towards environment. Not only awareness but also pushes youth to take actions like planting trees as they have made efforts..”

Archana Wahatule

“Perfect combination of hard work and consistency is the key behind the success of PRAYAS YOUTH FOUNDATION. I have personally seen all the volunteers and members of this group …”

Abhishek Kadi

“The green zone is increasing in Aurangabad because of efforts of Prayas.Prayas is doing well in many fields, that too without publicity . Prayas ka prayas accha hai

Geeta Deshpande

“Prayas Youth Foundation, A poieerinG NGO of Aurangabad. Its no wonder this organisation is so well known. They have created wonders by transforming a dumping yard at Chikhalthana ….”

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