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We often talk about degrading environment quality around us. But it is also important to turn our words into actions. Prayas provides a platform to every individual who is willing to contribute for better environment. Be a member at Prayas and help us to make this world a better place to live


You can also join Prayas Youth Foundation if you satisfy the following criteria-
  • 1. You must possess strong desire to work towards betterment of environment and society.
  • 2. You must be ready to invest few hours in on weekends.
  • 3. You just need to fill one simple Admission Form which is available at the PRAYAS office and on website with attached passport size photo.
  • 4. Annual membership fees are Rs.300 with membership kit. (Certificate, T-shirt)

Link : Registration Form

Deposit Registration Fees on Below Account details / QR

Account No. 145601001107

IFS Code : ICIC0001456