Occasional Plantation

Celebrating Life, Love, and Tradition Prayas Youth Foundation embraces the joyous occasions of life to weave environmental consciousness into celebrations. Planting trees on special occasions adds a unique and meaningful touch to these events, creating a lasting impact on both individuals and the environment. In activity we plant tree on your occacion like Birthday, Marriage Anniversaries, Vatsaviti etc

Sunday Shramdan

Prayas for environment conservation Every Sunday, the Prayas Youth Foundation works to protect and preserve the environment through its Sunday Shramdan initiative. This community-driven effort aims to engage volunteers in various environmental activities, fostering a sense of responsibility and a positive steps towards our planet. In this shramdan activity we counduct the conservation activities along with Plantation, watering to Existing…

Shadumati Ganpati Making Celebrating Eco – Friendly Festivities

Our dedication to environmental sustainability extends to cultural celebrations. Shadumati Ganpati, crafted from eco-friendly materials, symbolizes our commitment to greener festivities and responsible cultural practices. Prayas Organized this activity in every year, with the involvement of every age group, children’s from 4-5 years to 50 years.. they are enjoying the process of making Ganpati idol. the aim of this activity…

Seed Balls Making Workshop

In every Seed we see the hope of New Life Making seed balls is a simple yet effective way to contribute to reforestation and biodiversity conservation efforts. In this activity with the involvement  of the volunteers and prayas members collectively makes seeds ball with using soil and compost and various natives trees seeds such as Bahawa (Cassia fistula), Bakul (Mimusops…

Bird Feeder Making Workshop

It is the most noted humanitarian effort to save the lives of poor creatures. Birds are said to be the best pollinators and help in distributing seeds. And loosing birds from city are best sign of Climate change adversities. Thus, it’s important to take efforts for them. Installing bird feeders, water ponds, bird houses, etc. are some of them.

Newspaper Collection Drive

Prayas believes in Best from Waste, concept, so we accept old newspapers as a donation from people which is used as a source for fund generation for tree plantation and as a mulch to plants.    

Oxygen Tax Donation

PYF has started accepting monitory donation as oxygen tax from local citizen, people around country and world. Basically, the concept is, Charging Rs 1/Person/day for inhaling oxygen which amounts Rs 365/Year. For every donation(tax) received we plant a tree in the name of Donor. Prayas has created separate forest of Oxygen donors, which is sequestering the carbon and releasing the…

Seed Collection Drive

Seeds of Hope, Blooms of Change In the year 2023, Prayas planted 25,000 saplings and this year, Prayas has a dream to plant one lakh native trees, and as part of that initiative, Prayas is actively working on seed collection. Collecting seeds of different native species is a proactive step towards promoting native species conservation. Native plants are well-adapted to…

Water Bowl For Birds

We started initiative to Distribute a clay water bowl to birds in Every Summer season. This is our small act that means a lot to birds. The volunteers who join this imitative we provide free water bowl for the birds and urge them to put in the balcony or in the area where birds can easily spot. In the extreme…

Celebrating Holi by Applying Geru and Lime to Plants

Painting the Green World with Love Every year on the occasion of Holi we apply the geru and lime on the stem of the plant. To insure the plant health. this combination helps to protect trees from fungal disease and pest attacks. team prayas and our volunteers are celebrating their Holi festival by applying this organic color to the plants…

Cleaning Drive

On the cleaning drive initiative we collect the Plastic waste from the different area from city. Collecting the plastic bottles, plastic wrappers, glass bottles and insure the properly disposing of this waste with the help of municipality municipality vehicle.

Water and Soil Conservation

We have created water bodies, like CCTs, Deep CCTs, Trenches and small water ponds at the base of hills near Aurangabad for water conservation. Trenches and CCTs at hills help saving soil erosion as well as stop the rainwater at the top area of watershed area. We also have contributed and participated in events organized by paani foundation for soil…

Blood Donation Camps

Saving Lives, Building Community Prayas Youth Foundation actively participates in organizing blood donation camps, recognizing the critical importance of community health. By fostering a culture of altruism, we contribute to the well-being of society. This small contribution by Prayas Foundation to the needy peoples.