Conjuring up the future, a scary picture comes into mind where there are no trees available to give us oxygen for free. If we continue to take no action, our next generation will have to bid and buy oxygen to breathe. Also, due to reduced green cover in city and increasing pollution, we are breathing a poor Air Quality Index (AQI) air which is not healthy for us. We at Prayas always try to bring up new and creative concept for environmental awareness. We pay taxes for everything we consume in common i.e., infrastructure, water, electricity, etc. Then why not for the oxygen we consume every second we live? Oxygen tax is the donation that you will be paying to increase and maintain the existing green cover in our city which will help you breathe pure. Pay Rs.1/day/person as tax for the oxygen you breathe i.e. Donate Rs.365 for the year which will be used to plant a tree on your behalf. You can also get income tax benefit under section - 80G, Income Tax Act. Also you can accompany us to plant tree out of your donation in your locality as per your convenience. Let us give back to nature what we consume!
7,665.00Rs. donated
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