Maharashtra’s Biggest Biodiversity Hub

The project is aimed at creating a biodiversity hotspot by planting indigenous saplings at Chhatrapati Sambhajinagar on more than 30 acres of land. We are planting 100+ indigenous species, including flowering, fruiting, and medicinal value species, to enrich the biodiversity at large and maintain the ecology. We are also using renewable energy at the project location and a centralized drip irrigation system to ensure better sustainability and impact. This project will increase the green cover along with rainwater harvesting ponds. We will be able to conserve rainwater on a large scale.
Planting the native species can achieve our goal of making a biodiversity hub, and we observe different species of birds (bee eaters, sunbirds, bar-headed geese) and various insects, butterfly- like (plain tiger, blue pansy), and mammals (Black Buck, deer).