Porject Oxygen Zone – Waluj MIDC

POZ is the native urban and manmade forest created in 5+ acres with 50,000 indigenous trees, It is situated at Waluj MIDC, Ch. Sambhaji Nagar(MH) funded by United Breweries Limited under their corporate social responsibility initiatives.
Creating diverse, self-sustaining ecosystems enhances biodiversity, providing a habitat for various plants and animals. These restored forests act as powerful carbon sinks, combating climate change and reducing air pollution for a healthier atmosphere. Improved soil quality prevents erosion and revitalizes degraded land. This balance in nature not only safeguards the environment but also supports human well-being.

the POZ project has made significant strides in promoting biodiversity, fostering a thriving ecosystem. Among the various insects documented, notable species include the Chinese grasshopper, Cheilomenes, Blue Dasher Dragonfly, Blue Pansy, Orange Spider Wasp, and various grasshopper species. The bird population has also flourished, with sightings of the Scaly-breasted munia, Kingfisher, Green Bee-eater, Black Drongo, Ashy Priniya, and Black Robin. This diverse array of insects and birds not only signifies the success of the project in creating a biodiverse environment but also underscores the posi- tive impact on the ecological balance in the region. The presence of such a variety of species indicates the health and sustainabili- ty of the restored habitat, showcasing the effectiveness of the POZ initiative in supporting and enhancing local biodiversity.